General Cargo

Garments, Fabrics, Electronics, Leather Articles, Newspapers & Others.


Fruits, Flowers, Vegetables, Vaccines, Milk Product, Meat & Others.


Pesticides, Dyes & Others.


Medicines, Creams & Others.

Dangerous Goods

Flammable, Toxic, Corrosive, Explosive, Radioactive, Crackers & Others.

Live Animals

Live Fish, Eggs, Prawns, Baby Chicks & Others.


Air Freight Forwarding

Our air freight division comprises of experienced cargo professionals with years of industry experience therby easing the communication flow and accelerating the decision making among all clients. From small package to heavy weight shipments, General Cargo Express is the right choice for many shippers for domestic flight forwarding service all over india. We have a choice of multiple carriers giving you that much needed flexibility and dependability. With a reputation based on trust and integrity, we offer you a means of transport that's both cost-efficient and time-critical.

We provide industry’s best rate, route & delivery schedule on a careful market survey for the benefit of both consigner and consignee.

We employ more than over supply chain specialists, management graduates and finance professionals across multiple locations in India and abroad and are ready to redefine the Freight forwarding Business in India through differentiated service delivery and customer value commitment.

Surface Freight Forwarding

Surface Cargo is basically transferring goods from one place to another via roadways through trucks. Surface freight service is the most common option that one might think of. Express deliver your goods on time with MCFPL surface cargo services.

Economical and efficient way to deliver your shipments anywhere across the country.